Real Estate Clearance Sale

A blog on Trulia today discussed the “5 Strategies for Navigating the Summer Clearance Sale – on Real Estate.” Low interest rates coupled with low home prices may make this summer the perfect time to buy! However, before you jump into a life-changing situation, you should keep 5 strategies in mind during your real estate transaction, according to the Trulia Blog “Ask Tara @Trulia.”

1. Have a vision in place before you start your house hunt

2. Don’t let affordability get between you and reality

3. Get a local expert to brief you on the local market, then screen out the noise.

4. Read everything.

5. Stop your mental accounting and do actual math. On paper.

To read about these strategies in more detail, visit the Trulia blog by clicking here.

If you determine that buying real estate in the Greater Philadelphia Area (Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Chester County, Philadelphia County) is a goal you would like to accomplish this summer, one of Coldwell Banker Realty Corp.’s experienced real estate agents would be happy to sit down with you and be your “local expert” and advocate during the real estate transaction process!


About Coldwell Banker Realty Corp
Coldwell Banker Realty Corp is "First in Service" with all of your Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Philadelphia county real estate needs! Our award-winning relocation department and buyer's and seller's agents are always available to assist you.

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