Agents: Dealing with Generation Y

This post is geared towards real estate professionals, but if you’re a member of Generation Y, let us know what you think! In an article published this month in REALTOR(r) Magazine, we’ve learned that members of Generation Y (people born in the late 1970’s through the mid 1980’s) want different things when it comes to conducting business. According to the article, Generation Y:

-Want it all – now. Learn how to text – because that’s what Gen Y prefers. A lot of people are even beginning to prefer text over email. If you are struggling with getting phone calls returned, try texting! According to the article, “Gen Y is about instant gratification: If we can’t see it on our phone, it doesn’t really exist.”

Wants the right information. Gen Y walks into a home showing knowing pretty much everything about the property due to their Internet research skills. Make sure you are knowledgeable about walkability, local attractions for young people, taxes, neighboring cities, etc.

-Is all about lifestyle. Members of Gen Y think long-term means approximately five years. Gen Y does not like to feel tied down so it’s essential that you can relate to their lifestyle. People in Gen Y are getting married and having kids later in life.

-Wants low hassle living. Gen Y prefers low maintenance housing. Gen Y people want to do tasks quickly or be able to outsource it inexpensively. These buyers also prefer gathering space to fancy features because they’ve grown up doing things in groups. Some buyers may even bring their friends along to showings!

-Stays connected. Always ask Gen Y clients if there is anything you can do to help any of their friends. Also, market yourself in a way that you can connect to this generation (remember, they don’t like phone calls or snail mail!), such as social media.

Read the full article, “What Does Gen Y Want?” by Kristine Hansen from REALTOR(r) Magazine


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